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Won’t Somebody Please Stop This Guy Stealing Bikes in New York City?

This video depicting Casie Neistat (of HBO fame) stealing his own bike is interesting from a human nature standpoint. Sure, it is a bit unsettling to see that no one in New York cares about bike theft, even when it is under their own nose. Sure, it is funny to see that the only comment he receives is from Hector providing tips on how to steal a bike more quickly.
But what is going on here?
Is it that bikes, as material possessions, are too plentiful for anyone to care?
Is that New Yorkers are so brash and too busy to care about such miniscule petty crimes, generally?
Is it that New Yorkers don’t care about cycling?
Is it that social capital in New York really that low?
What is the transferability of this story? Surely it would not have the same outcome in North Dakota.

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  1. Reuben Collins
    Reuben Collins 03.20.12

    >Or do some people recognize that there are also legitimate reasons for cutting off locks (lost keys, etc.).

    I have cut locks off abandoned bikes locked to stop signs in fairly dense areas of Minneapolis before. Some guy saw me and brought me a spare hacksaw he had in his truck.

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