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Bicycling Bonanza in Berlin (Germany) |

The third part of the EU BICI is up at focusing on Berlin. Prior posts are available for Seville (Spain) and Ferrara (Italy). “Wide roads and dispersed development; a tradition rich in fast driving cars and a population cobbled from several cultures—these are not elements one associates with a city that generates 1.5 million cycling trips per day. But for Berlin, these ingredients have helped, in part, to catapult its success in…

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Cycling’s Stiff Competition in Zurich (Switzerland) |

The 2014 EU BICI series recruits insights from Thomas Götschi (Zurich resident and past research collaborator) as a co-author for the post highlighting Switzerland’s largest city. Other cities available for Seville (Spain), Ferrara (Italy), Berlin and Munich (Germany).  “The transport scene is Switzerland’s largest metropolitan area is admirable—almost two-thirds of trips are by non-auto[1]. A mere ~4% of these trips, however, are by…

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