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Boulder’s lavish new Broadway Bike/Ped Underpass

Intersections are the source of more than half of all conflicts between motorized and non-motorized modes. We know that most non-motorized users really appreciate facilities that are separated from cars. But separate facilities—particularly those that are grade separated—requires space and money.

Boulder, Colorado has a strong tradition for coming up with the funding for these underpasses. In the city’s 25 square miles, they just finished constructing another adjacent to the University of Colorado Boulder Campus. The city has over 80 underpasses (I think) and this one is close to their most expensive. It came in at $7.4 million with $3.4 million in federal transportation funds. The local match for this project was composed of funding from five agencies.

As an owner of property less than 2 blocks away—and one who formerly crossed this intersection multiple times per day—I cannot help to be pleased. I no longer need to wait at the onerous light and have my child come anywhere close to the somewhat fast moving auto traffic on Broadway.


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