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Krista Nordback dissertation defense

The bicycle research community will further benefit from the addition of a great researcher with soon to be “PhD” credentials behind her. Krista Nordback of UC Denver Civil Engineering successfully defended her dissertation, ESTIMATING ANNUAL AVERAGE DAILY BICYCLISTS AND ANALYZING CYCLIST SAFETY IN URBAN AREAS.Picture

Using Boulder, Colorado as a case community (mainly because of the wealth of data available), she created a method to estimate annual average daily bicyclists (AADB) and bicyclist safety at intersections.

Krista employed continuous automated bicycle counts to create a statistical model of bicycle use considering external factors, such as temperature, month, and day of the week. This model allowed her to estimate the average daily volume of bicyclists on a given roadway over a year, analogous to Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) for motor vehicles.

Quantifying bicycle use per roadway and path is an important step to assessing which bicycle infrastructure is most used and establishing a baseline for studying other issues such as safety and physical activity.  Specifically, she combined use data with bicycle-related collision data to provide a comprehensive assessment of bicyclist safety by infrastructure type (i.e. bicycle lanes, bicycle paths and shared-roadway bicycle routes) at the community level. Let’s wait for the final, final, final version of the dissertation (20 more days) and then further report on the “elevator pitch” take-away conclusions.

Krista provided a guest blog here last month and is also a member of the Active Communities / Transport (ACT) Research Group.

Congratulations, Krista, on a job well done!

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