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Bologna’s Cycling Struggles and the Potential to Export its Intimacy

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The 2014 EU BICI series includes: Seville (Spain), Ferrara (Italy), Berlin , Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), and Cambridge (U.K.). And, now—my adopted home town for the past year: Bologna (Italy).

Learning from Bologna’s off-street bicycle network: tolerance, safety, thanks |

At, I have the following post: Learning from Bologna’s Off-street Bicycle Network: Tolerance, Safety, Thanks, complete with a vivid three minute video from the user perspective of the cyclist.

“The characteristics of a city’s off-street cycling network vary widely by culture. Expectations are adjusted accordingly. The most progressive cycling communities in the U.S. have set  high standards for what they consider to be suitable bicycle facilities…”

Sensing a common theme: “can’t we get along?”

Rodney King’s quote might continue to live on. I am sensing a common new theme this spring centered around education and other efforts to encourage bicycles and cars to “get along.” This theme certainly comports with my developing theory of the importance of autos and cars being able to better “co-mingle” in downtown (and other environments). See: (1) the New York bike sharing folks are holding classes to help educate cyclists about riding with cars around and (2) the creative Bikes Belong video of the month, encouraging the modes to “roll together.”


Best Produced Bike Video yet – How Bikes Make Cities Cool

Vintage Cruiser, by Ryan Wiese–on display at
the Bike Art Exhibit (Dairy Center) through March

The most professionally produced promotional bike video just came out from Kona Productions. It obsesses over Portland (really, again?). The cutest quote is from the kid at 2:38, “bicycling helps my community because it helps the air around…[affrmative nod] and it helps the polar bears [while dancing with his shoulders]…polar bears are epic!

Won’t Somebody Please Stop This Guy Stealing Bikes in New York City?

This video depicting Casie Neistat (of HBO fame) stealing his own bike is interesting from a human nature standpoint. Sure, it is a bit unsettling to see that no one in New York cares about bike theft, even when it is under their own nose. Sure, it is funny to see that the only comment he receives is from Hector providing tips on how to steal a bike more quickly.
But what is going on here?
Is it that bikes, as material possessions, are too plentiful for anyone to care?
Is that New Yorkers are so brash and too busy to care about such miniscule petty crimes, generally?
Is it that New Yorkers don’t care about cycling?
Is it that social capital in New York really that low?
What is the transferability of this story? Surely it would not have the same outcome in North Dakota.

Ride your %^&#$% #^$&@ bike

The humorous–almost self-deprecating videos keep coming. This one is questionable in terms of appropriateness for the blog. It is a bit risqué; you will want to turn off the sound if you’re at work or keep the kids in the other room. The interesting thing about all of these videos is how these “artist” pieces so strongly resonate with their own subset of the cycling population.