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Active Communities / Transportation (ACT) Research Group at TRB

Members of the Active Communities / Transportation (ACT) Research Group will again be presenting papers at the Transportation Research Board next week in Washington DC.  Please see below for session number and the title of the paper. In addition, the WSTLUR and JTLU meetings are Tues at 3:45 (Hilton, Morgan). Hope to see you there.

357- Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure Investments and Mode Share Changes: A 20-Year Case Study of Boulder, Colorado.

454 – Bicyclist Safety Performance Functions for a U.S. City

640 – Estimating Annual Average Daily Bicyclists: Error and Accuracy

715 – Parking at Sporting Event Stadiums in Denver, Colorado

827 – Missing Links: How Social Paths Can Improve Light-Rail Pedestrian Accessibility

349 – Who Benefits from Rail Transit Investments? Assessment of Rail Access in Denver Metropolitan Area and Implications for Social Equity and Transit Effectiveness



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