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A new form of cycling treatment?

Throughout my travels, I have seen many different style of treatments for cycling and pedestrian environments (e.g., ramps on stairs, raised paths to indicate cycle tracks, diverters to slow down bike traffic at busy intersections). While each country has their own flavor of treatments, most are pretty self-explanatory about what they are trying to accomplish.


However, in Bologna today, I saw one that mostly stumped me (see pic). Cycling is permitted on this stretch (as indicated by the paint on the pavement), but what they trying to accomplish/communicate with the track for the bike? My guess is that they want to slow down the bike speeds. But, apparently the gates alone are insufficient?


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  1. Sandra Crotteau Krizek
    Sandra Crotteau Krizek 09.18.13

    I think the track, as I rode it today, is screaming “slow the hell down you crazy biker, there are peds here!!!!”

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