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2014 EU BICI Series Exports |

My 2014 EU BICI series at featured reports, photos, and video accounts via personal observation of 13 cities within 8 different countries: Cambridge (UK), Berlin and Munich (Germany), Seville (Spain), Ferrara, Bologna and Padova (Italy), Zurich (Switzerland), Copenhagen and Odense (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Houten and Delft (the Netherlands). Individual posts highlighted structural and policy peculiarities of cycling in each city….

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Dutch Cycling around Delft and The Hague

The 10th post of the EU BICI series looks at Dutch cycling by exploring Delft and the Hague  and benefits from the insights of co-author, Peter Furth, Professor of Civil Engineering at Northeastern University and frequent instructor of a sustainable transportation course via TU-Delft. “With tulips and clogs, bikes are a signature element of the Netherlands—lots of them. Everywhere. It’s the only country in the world with more bikes than p…

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Copenhagen’s Cycling Craze |

The EU BICI series travels to Denmark’s capital city: Copenhagen.  Upon arriving, I was immediately struck by three observations: An intersection on the east edge of town carrying 36,000 cyclists per day. A feature spread in the daily newspaper highlighting cycle track rage—not between car drivers and cyclists—but between cyclists. Public officials informing me of their desire to widen the cycle track standard from 2.5 meters to 3 meters (forme…

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Houten (Holland): Heaven or Hollow? |

The next post of the EU BICI series stays in the Netherlands and travels to the widely acclaimed bike town of Houten. “We keep it simple: we design all bike facilities in town to be 3.5 meters wide.” -Andre Botermans, urban planner for the town of Houten (the Netherlands) talking on June 25, 2014 to a delegation of the World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research. All things in Houten appear simple, including bike planning….

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Padova’s (Italy) Cycling Potential |

There is reason to believe that Padova—a town with more than 200,000 people in the Veneto region in the north of Italy—is capable of becoming one of the country’s best cycling towns… Here is the next entry in the EU BICI series including: Seville (Spain), Bologna, Ferrara (Italy), Berlin , Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), and Cambridge (U.K.)….

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Cycling Tradition Dominates in Cambridge (UK) |

The EU BICI moves to Cambridge (UK). Other  posts available for   Seville (Spain), Ferrara (Italy), Berlin , Munich (Germany), and Zurich (Switzerland). “There is one place in the United Kingdom that reports more than two times as much cycling relative to its closest competitor: Cambridge (~31% of all trips). Many consider this high-tech and bioscience oriented town of 123K people—also home to one of the most prestigious universities in th…

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Is Ferrara’s (Italy) bicycle success not IN the water but BECAUSE of it? |

Part 2 of the EU BICI is up, focusing on Ferrara (Italy). Part 1 was on Seville.  “It’s hard to figure out how Ferrara (Italy) achieved legendary status among Europe’s top cycling towns. The answer might not be in the water; but it could be because of it. The ferraresi embrace the bike as much as any place I have seen. But in way lacking self-consciousness, most residents fail to consider themselves exceptional in this respect among neigh…

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Bicycle infrastructure in Seville (Spain) |

Seville (Spain) starts a series for my newly launched 2014 EU BICI (European Union Bicycling Information Collection Initiative) which is airing at “When one thinks about cycling in cities and Europe, all eyes turn north. But Seville has made valiant cycling strides in just six years. Their strategy clearly borrows from the Dutch for inspiration (i.e., separate cycle paths appear to be the divine wisdom); and, their relative ‘o…

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